God, and holy messengers.
We likewise know from the Spirit of all Truth that it says, "All we like sheep have wandered off-track." Additionally, the Messiah's central goal is expressed in Isaiah 61:1, "The Spirit of the Lord GOD has arrived; in light of the fact that the LORD hath blessed me to lecture great greetings unto the quiet; What is the will of God However, we as a whole fell like one of the sovereigns that are for the most part going to now bite the dust like men. Jesus tells us, "ye will know reality and the Truth will make you free." We should now investigate the expressions of Paul in Hebrews 11 where he says, "These all kicked the bucket in confidence, not having gotten the guarantees, yet having seen them far off, and were convinced of them, and accepted them, and admitted that they were outsiders and travelers on the earth. For they that express such things announce evidently that they look for a country. What's more genuinely, in case they had been aware of that country from whence they came out, they may have had freedom to have returned." We can likewise check out a piece in Greek and see what the word country means. Paul is saying, "And really, in case they had been aware of that Heavenly Home from whence they came out, they may have had freedom to have returned." The word country or patris implies a Heavenly Home, a Fatherland. The Early Church Knew That We Are Strangers And Pilgrims On The Earth For we realize that assuming our natural place of this sanctuary were broken down, we have a structure of God, a house not made with hands, timeless in the sky. For in this we moan, sincerely craving to be dressed upon with our home which is from paradise: If so be that being dressed we will not be seen as stripped. – 2 Corinthians 5:1-3 There are many occurrences inside the Bible where Jesus Christ and others make it clear with regards to what our identity is and where we come from. Jesus Says in John 10:34, "Is it not written in your Law, I said ye are divine beings. We should take what the Messiah was citing and track down it's source. In Psalm 82 the Psalmist Asaph, whose name implies a gatherer and one who assembles states, "They know not, neither will they comprehend; they stroll on in dimness: every one of the establishments of the earth are out obviously. I have said, Ye are divine beings; and every one of you are offspring of the most High. In any case, ye will pass on like men, and fall like one of the sovereigns." Let's investigate utilizing e-Sword and the Strong's Concordance to separate it somewhat further. The first Hebrew says that the word utilized for God is Elohim. The word implies divine beings in the standard sense, of the preeminent  

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