Pendants/Acrylic Charms
  o The acrylic pendants, likewise called acrylic charms, are light and wonderful and have one opening. They can be utilized on gems making, wristband, neckband, article of clothing or dresses by sewing or can be joined with different parts like metal rings.
We convey a wide choice of tones and styles for this pendant series. They are the top decision for style originators looking for greater variety. Discount charms and pendants are accessible in more than 100 tones! Item Info o Class: MA Series Material: acrylic Style: single opening Shape: round, heart, moon, blossom, precious stone, chunk of ice, traingle, leaf, drop Shading/Effect: straightforward, opal, pearl dark, straightforward stomach muscle Application: gems making, shoe and sack adornments, sweater, wedding dresses, Do-It-Yourself make Different STYLES AND COLORS We offer an incredible assortment of pendants in 10 distinct shapes, sizes and more than 100 tones. You can make your own interesting style, regardless of present day or exemplary. LIGHT AND EASY TO USE As the acrylic material is light, eco-accommodating and non-brittle, it's extraordinary for utilizing mass pendants in little size on one piece of thing. Impeccable DESIGN AND TEXTURE Pendants are produced using CHIMEI ACRYLIC (PMMA-211) by proficient trim strategy. They are splendid and stunning. ALL OPTIONS AVAILABLE IN STOCK Make-to-stock item. We keep all 3000+ choices in stock and give in discount cost. Clients can put in little requests in low MOQ with less weight. acrylic pendants shinny-discount charms Straightforward AB Colors An abdominal muscle covering is applied on the straightforward acrylic charms to make the pendants look significantly shinier. These staggering acrylic pendants could be an option for precious stones. View Catalog Straightforward Crystal Charms Straightforward is the exemplary one. We use the trademark straightforwardness of acrylic material and make the charms sparkle like jewel. There are more than 20 beautiful planner charms to meet all styles. View Catalog acrylic pendants-discount pendants straightforward gem acrylic pendants-opal charms discount H Opal Color Charms Started from opal stone. Unique in relation to sparkling impact, the series includes the coating of opal stone. Opal tones are made straightforwardly from crude material without different finishings so it looks clear, not sloppy. They are extraordinary acrylic charms for adornments making. View Catalog P Exclusive Pearl Pendants Solely made by SUNMEI. One and the one to focus on. Murky tone with pearl radiance, basic yet lovely pearl impact. SUNMEI gives these discount gems charms in 36 tones. View Catalog acrylic pendants-pearl pendants discount acrylic pendants dark mass charms for gems making    

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