Are Matt and his last pick still together?
  James was initially expected to be a hopeful on Clare Crawley's season, however he was picked as a "Lone ranger" star the previous summer as the establishment confronted a racial retribution. While Kirkconnell didn't get the pined for initial feeling rose — that went to Abigail Heringer — she made a solid association with James on night one. Quite, she was the competitor who cried when James requested all from the ladies to supplicate with him. October 2020: Kirkconnell got one of the first on-one dates, and the pair uncovered they were experiencing passionate feelings for one another. gntm spoiler Kirkconnell and James on October 24, 2020. Craig Sjodin/ABC by means of Getty Images During the date, which is ordinarily known as the "Pretty Woman" date, James took Kirkconnell on a shopping binge, and she got her own personal pair of Louboutins. "I truly am as of now totally falling head over heels for you. Also, I need to leave here with you, and I need to begin my existence with you. Also, I trust that will occur. However, the frightening part about it is I simply couldn't say whether that will be the result," she advised him during the date. "Would i be able to impart something to you?" Matt inquired. "You're not insane, in light of the fact that I feel the same way. Rachael, I'm becoming hopelessly enamored with you as well. What's more, it is frightening to say, however when I'm with you, it simply feels right," he answered. She got a rose and was alright for one more week. November 2020: James revealed to Kirkconnell he adored her during Fantasy Suites. Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell during "The Bachelor" season 25 on November 10, 2020. Craig Sjodin through Getty Images James disclosed to Kirkconnell that he adored her during Fantasy Suites, ordinarily thought to be a terrible move, since it can warn watchers that somebody is a leader, or it could cause issues down the line with another lady. "Where I'm at with you is, I've gone gaga for you," he told Kirkconnell after the two went skydiving. She reacted: "I'm overwhelmed with passion for you. I'm totally enamored with you."  

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